Textiles and Fashion Discoveries of Paris and London, Part 1

When you travel for work, it's easy to get stuck into the same old 'the Milk Run' (as a friend calls it) of staying in same trusted hotels, strolling the same favourite routes and neighbourhoods; browsing at the same beloved boutiques; dining at the same restaurants (with friends who love them as much as you do) and even visiting the same museums. But every now and then it's important, I think,

Decorating For Renters

Hey folks!  Are you still stuffed from all the turkey and dressing yesterday?  I am.  Too much good food in one place.  We've got some leftovers so I plan on diving in for more.I want to talk about renters today.  Many people are renters.  I remember my first apartment with my husband.  It was pretty plain and I wasn't into the design thing then.  I think I could have cared less about what was on

Holiday Gift Guide: Black White and Gold

First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving to all of my lovely U.S. readers! Today I am serving up the chicest gift guide around, made up of my favourite combination of black, white and gold. The lack of prominent colour means timeless charm and universal appeal for everyone on you hard-to-buy-for list. I'm especially loving this moto jacket, which is on sale right now for under $90! A new planner is

A Rug for the Living Room

I finally found a rug I love.  The living room has been living without a rug for quite a while now.  I was kept trying to convince myself it didn't need one because the room isn't used often.  But every time I looked over, it just looked incomplete.  It was lacking an extra detail. Target has been having some crazy sales lately and I caught the Veteran's Day sale where all rugs were on sale with

Holiday Gift Guides

It's that time...time for holiday shopping that is.  Thanksgiving is next week.  After that, it's full speed ahead.  I know I can be a hard person to shop for.  I never really know what I want, especially if you want me to make a list.I've come up with a guide for women like me who like nice things but can't always think of it at the moment.  I'm more of a see it, want it kind of girl.  All these

Going On a Chair Hunt

I have been helping my mom revamp her living room.  She has decided on a new color palette of gray and red with a touch of black and white.  I love the new direction she's going in.  One of the things she needed in her space was an accent chair.  We searched many stores looking for the right one.  One thing I noticed that kept coming up in the search was black and white.  It offered great

Creating A French Picking Garden (Easily)

As many gardeners know, gardening can be addictive. One minute you're happily potting up geraniums  in a couple of blue and white planters you bought on discount in a closing-down sale; the next you're digging into your newly mown lawn to create a perennial flower bed. Then you begin to visit open gardens. And the more gardens you visit, the more addicted you become. Suddenly, you're out there at

DIY Harvest Sign

Thanksgiving is coming up next week.  Yeah, next week.  I'm not sure if I'm hosting yet, but I wanted something to display on my entry table.  I like to keep things simple. I came across this sign in the Michael's dollar spot and thought I could do something with it so I bought it.  The saying wasn't fitting for me but paint can change things.Once I got it home, I gave it a few coats of black

Cobalt Blue

I snagged 8 of these cobalt blue bowls (for free!) yesterday and I am just loving the rich hue. So sexy.It adds the perfect splash of colour to my bar cart :)Have you picked up any little finds lately that make you smile?xox


the absolute ONLY thing i like about cold weather is thanksgiving, christmas, and college football. which had me scrambling on pinterest…. so i could put together the perfect holiday house….one thats great for parties…. warm and cozy…..and bits of red here and there.i love this pretend house....hope you like too!

Saving Money on Home Decor

Who doesn't like to save money when shopping?  I love a good deal.  There are so many ways on saving money when shopping. 1. Check both online and in store.  Just because an item in on sale in store does not mean it's on sale online and vice versa.2. Shop the thrift store.  Many people donate perfectly good items simply because they no longer have room for it in their home.  Also, some Goodwills

From Vogue Living to Les Puces in Paris...

Here are a few lovely links and videos from around the world...DELICIOUS DETAILS IN NOVEMBER VOGUE LIVINGVogue Living's latest issue (Nov/Dec 2014) is full of blue-hued gorgeousness, plus Ilse Crawford, Oman, London, Italian perfumeries, and more. Website and Instagram here—link.REMEMBERING MR DE LA RENTACarolyne Roehm's deeply moving tribute to Oscar de la Renta, her employer, mentor and friend

Travel Insights: Where To Go in 2015

If you're planning your 2015 sojourns, here are some inspiration and ideas to get you started.The most important thing to remember when planning trips is that some destinations are seasonal, so pick your month with care.I was set to do some work in Cambodia in May, enroute to London and Paris, but was advised to avoid the monsoon period, and travel in December instead. The rains can also wash out

October Month in Review

It's November people!  This year is really rolling on by.  Next thing you know, it'll be Thanksgiving.  It's officially fall around here.  Actually, it feels more like winter.  The lows are in the 30's this week and I don't like it one bit.Here's a recap on what happened around these parts last month.I didn't realize that Walmart had become so trendy in their home decor.  Their new line from

Joyful Things: The New Test Everyone's Trying

Have you noticed how lots of people are doing these Gratitude Challenges? (Also known as the Seven Days of Positive tests.) Apparently they're like the 5:2 Diet for your mind. Every day you make a conscious effort to stop whining, ranting or being hyper-critical in order to retrain your brain to think pleasant, positive, meaningful and joyful thoughts instead. Even shooting an Instagram pic of

Holiday Decor

The other day I ran in Home Depot for a few things.  The first things up in the front of the store were Christmas trees.  I was thinking to myself, "It's a little early for Christmas decorations."  Then I really thought about it.  Christmas is less than two months away.I started the search for holiday decor.  Of course my first place to shop is Target.  They have some really great finds.1. Gold

My New Job - Sarah Richardson Design

Hi my loves. You may be wondering why I have been blogging so little lately, and I felt I owe you all an explanation. If you follow me on instagram, then you might have already picked up on this.I recently started a new {absolute dream} job, working as a junior designer for one of my biggest career influencers and role models, Sarah Richardson. I still can't believe it! When I first moved to this

Careers, Lives and Making It All Work

Friends and I have been chatting a lot recently about careers and jobs, and who has the most difficult, stressful and demanding lives. I always think family lawyers have a tough job. Teachers too. And working mothers probably have the most demanding lives of all.Recently I was touched to be asked to give a speech alongside an extraordinary journalist called Sara James. Sara is a former foreign